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A person who is sexually attracted to all people regardless of gender or lack thereof, but is only emotionally/romantically attracted to individuals of the same gender.
"Naomi is a homoromantic pansexual. She's screwed Dylan and that transwoman Denise, but she only wants to date girls!"
by SammyScreamsRawr June 06, 2012
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a person who's interested in only sexual or platonic relationships with people outside of their gender.

homoromantic pansexuals CAN have sexual or platonic relationships with a person of any gender, but are not interested in romantic relationships with people outside of their gender.

i'm a homoromantic pansexual and i've had sex with men and gnc people, but i'm in no way interested in having a relationship with people who aren't women.

an easier way to describe it is like being aromantic towards everyone but women.
angela: i'm a homoromantic pansexual

derek: so you won't date me but you're willing to have a sexual or plantonic relationship with me?

angela: yes. i, woman, am only interested in having romantic relationships with women. i can also have sexual and platonic relationships with women, but i would not have a romantic relationship with a man or gnc person.
by homoromantic pansexual August 26, 2017
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