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A woman who is ONLY attracted to trans women (biological men with penises who identify as women) OR
A man who is ONLY attracted to trans men (biological women with vaginas who identify as men).

If a woman isn't turned on by penises, she is a homoSEXual. A homoGENDERual could be the perfect word to describe her if she only likes trans women. Sex and gender are different. A woman with a vagina that is only attracted to vaginas and breasts is a lesbian. A woman attracted to vaginas and trans women as well wouldn't be a homoSEXual. They'd be bi-SEXual and homoGENDERual because they'd be attracted to 2 different sex organs (penis and vagina) but one gender. If a woman is attracted to cis-women and trans men also, they'd be homoSEXual and bi-GENDERaul because their partner has female SEX organs but a male gender. So they'd be attracted to one sex but 2 genders.
Girl One: I love trans women and I am the biggest dick sucking lesbian you will ever meet !
Girl Two: Lesbian is a word made up to describe two people with vaginas who come together romantically/sexually, not two people who are feminine . There is a word for females who don't sleep with males and that word is lesbian. You don't get to redefine what homosexuals are just because you've redefined what a woman is. They are homoSEXuals, not homoGENDERuals.
by Lesbian Logic June 06, 2017
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A made up term that transphobic people use to label anyone that's attracted to trans people as a way to discredit their sexuality.
homogenderual is some cis nonsense .
by dirtdirtdirt June 16, 2017
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