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The lie or excuse given to the cashier at any Hot Topic, American Eagle, or Zumiez by a guy who is buying girl clothes for himself. Usually when buying skinny jeans, girls tees, or gauges. The guy is either in the closet, scene kid, or emo.
Cashier:"Hey man, you know these are girls jeans right?"
Hipster:"Yeah, uh. They're for my sister."
Cashier:"That is the lamest homofib I've ever heard."
by CaptainGoodVibes November 12, 2011
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The casual act of denial by an individual who has clearly committed a homosexual act; but then goes out of their way to deny that it was indeed just that.
"If you're a guy who jacked off another guy, and denied it, you're a homofib"
by Triggered_ November 26, 2016
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