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To successfully labrush an opponent in the computer game "Impossible Creatures" using the "Homobird" (a creature made by combining the Praying Mantis and the Dragonfly). Homobirding consists of making a large number (i.e., more than 40) Homobirds, and moving them to attack the lab, whilst activating frenzy (which increases a unit's mêlée damage) on the first attack run. This usually resulted in a wide variety of colourful expletives/profanities from the vanquished player, ranging from threats of revenge to the promise of death in real life (and worse...). The rush's origins are not known, although it was popularised by the player "Rocks". Homobirding was common during the Creature Chaos 4.2 (a mod) era, when "spam" allowed players to mass cheap units quickly (50 homobirds could be made in less than 30 seconds, for example).
Player 1 attacks Player 2 with a level 2 rush. Player 2 defends said rush, but is left crippled. At this point, Player 1 is goaded into a sense of complacency, while Player 2 quietly masses homobirds (upon reaching research level 3). Upon Player 1's second assault, Player 2 takes the entire mass to behind Player 1's lab, activates frenzy, and attacks the lab (this is to ensure that Player 1 is distracted while the labrush is in progress). Roughly 4.5868 seconds later, Player 2 wins, and dodges the inevitable name-calling et al. Thus, Player 2 has successfully executed "The Homobirding Manoeuvre".
by _Roar_ July 18, 2009
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