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Derived from a Spongebob episode. Can be used in place of any words begining with 'h'. Or shouted out at inappropriate moments. Or chanted in a cult-like manner.
That emo is a right self homna.
You are a homnasexual
I can play the homnamonica.

by LaurenJayne April 10, 2007
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Gibberish sound originally used in Honeymooners' episodes by Ralph Cramden (portrayed by Jackie Gleason) when something went awry in the episode and he had no clear vocabulary for the moment. The likely correct spelling is hommina, though only the script writer knows for certain.
Cramden: "Norton, what am I gonna do now?"
Norton: "Ah, gee Ralph, I dunno."
Cramden: "Homna, hommina, hommina, hommina!"
by Entharion January 06, 2012
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