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An Asian (usually a male) who adopts the urban African-American hip-hop culture; exemplified by baseball hats worn crooked, gangsta rap music and ghetto style venacular. In an effort to prove himself as being down, the homiesan takes his "I"m Black" act to the extreme.

The homiesan is typically a cycle or two behind what"s actually current which usually makes him look foolish and uncool.
HomieSan: Yo playa, don't be drinkin no haterade round my piece, ya' mean?

homieSan 2: Yeeeaaahhh boy! Don't make dis nigga pull his gat and bust a cap.

Both wearing white tee shirts that go their knees, jeans 10 sizes too big and listening to Snoops "Drop It Like It"s Hot (radio version)"
by Evanwins July 04, 2011
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