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A small ass town with too much drama, where the drug dealers are as young as 14 yr olds, its full of skaters, wiggers and hippies...the only nice rides are those who are Russian, Drug dealers, or those who fish in the summer..the girls are passed around like candy, the boys are all either, drunks, stoners, or crazy church head hippies...eveyone does town laps all day and stare at eachother. yep, this is my town..drama drama and more drama, and fish...and weed....thats all we got.
Ex. #1
1: "aaahh dudde, did you see kossis new 'lade?"
......highlight of everyones boring a*s day in homer alaska

Ex. #2
1: "what you wanna do?"
2: "idk, what you wanna do?''
1: "idk mane...what you finna do?'
.......continues to ride around town for about 6 hours.
by AKch!ck May 23, 2010
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The smallest town ever, where the cops dont give a shit what the youth do, because they themselfs are baked like a cake. The options for things to do is town laps, go to the beach, or sit at the most ghetto McDonalds ever. Most of the time high. There are pretty much 5 groups you fall into in this town, Stoners, Rednecks, Hippies, Church Freaks, or fucking tweekers. Everyone fishes, EVERYONE. Its pretty much the most alcohol-pot based comunity you will ever see. The girls here are just one giant comunity cup, everyone sleeps with everyone. The guys are total dicks and have no respect for anything. If you are lucky enough to gradute High School, I guess Flex counts too, your on the first flight out of here. For some reason, we love this town, within the next 5 years most of them come back and have families. Hits, the next generation is born and the cycle starts over again. Welcome to our little town of Homer, Alaska.
What are we going to do today?

Hotbox the car at the beach?

Sure, theres nothing else to do, we live in Homer Alaska
by stuckhereforlife34 June 28, 2013
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the smallest town you will ever see. it is full of hippies, druggies, and little sluts. there is nothing to do. all the hot guys are total dicks, and all the hot girls are sluts. if you aren't either a hot guy, or a hot girl, you are a loser with no friends.
wow, i can't wait till i'm 18, so i can move out of this hippie town i like to call Homer Alaska.
by i am not who you think i am December 27, 2010
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