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the homeless mafia is an organization of business people who employ goons to scare away beggers, homeless, and panhandlers away from their establishments.
Sunny: "I am getting pissed at the crack head bum John pissing off all of my customers by asking them for change while they are eating."
Pedro: "What did you say? Those fuckers are doing the same shit down at my place."
Sunny: "Well we need to do something because it is hurting business."
Pedro: "Maybe we need to join the homeless mafia."
Sunny: "Yeah, I have been thinking about that. I am glad you brought it up. Lets do it."
Pedro: "Word! I know just the man to call."
by Pete Dick February 13, 2008
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A family of homeless people that stick together no matter what. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and otherwise known as HM. There is only one HM,and we stick together till the end. 8:13 is thier symbol and tag and it means 8 letter in the alphabet; H and 13th letter in alphabet; M, and when you see "HM 8:13" tagged somewhere, just remember it is a family.
Sam: To my family! Homeless Mafia 8:13!
Shaggy: to the family!
Angel: Homless Mafia for life!!
by Face<3:) January 18, 2014
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