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(n.) A holzbaugh is something that can neither be bought or sold. However, A holzbaugh is very likely to listen to Chris Brown. According to ledgend a Holzbaugh, will rear its head in the early hours of twilight only when Look At me Now is being played. On a scientific note Holzbaughs are more than likely to have crappy cars made of poo.

Things to help you point out Holzbaughs:
1. They sing Look at Me Now. Or say things like "I hat You", "woooooooooowwwwwaaaaa", "omg....damnit", "NarNar", also none for singing "get Pooped on".
2. They date cute lil women named Michelle.
3. when encountering one, you can make it evolve by peltting it with rocks, and sacrificing a goat to satan while screaming, HEZBOLLAHGESTAFALLAH.
Andrew Holzbaugh is not something you should look up on facebook.
by southpkmaniac May 27, 2011
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