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An Estate located in a town called Oldham. Home to the biggest slags the world has ever seen. Has many nicknames within Oldham, including, 'the place Hitler forgot' and 'England's Chernobyll'. Holts Estate is the biggest processor of slags in the UK. Pretty poor area, home to chav's and raw bitches who will fuck anything with a pulse. If you pass through Holts in any form of vechicle then you must have your windows up, for fear of the radiation which has aqquired there.
Guy 1: You know where we are don't you?
Guy 2: Where England's Chernobyll?
Guy 1: Yup, The PLace Hitler Forgot Holts Estate
Guy 2: Maybe we can get a screw
Guy 1: Obviously we can, the fact we have shoelaces makes us the richest people for the next square kilometre.
by BolockFrog December 17, 2010
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