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A person has been Holmes'd when somebody has deduced something about them in an intelligent way, just like Sherlock Holmes would do. The person who makes someone get Holmes'd is the Holmes'r.

Etymologically, it is formed similarly to ninja'd-- the part before the apostrophe is the noun that would commit the resulting verb. (Ninjas would get somewhere fast and stealthily, Sherlock Holmes would figure something out intelligently...) It's almost as if 'd is a verb-forming ending for nouns!
A: You've had a wank, haven't you?
B: How the bloody helll...?
A: You were very agitated, went to the lavatories for ages and came back super-chill.
B: Well, what do you know!
A: ...That you've had a wank?
B: ...

B has been Holmes'd by A.
by wolfboyft June 06, 2018
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