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Hol·ly·wood·burgh hol-ee-wood berg

noun, adj.
1. The grammatical composition of Pittsburgh and Hollywood most notably referenced in the dramady series "Hollywoodburgh"

2. A mockumentary style dramady series about five dysfunctional friends with a shared connection to Pittsburgh just trying to make it Hollywood.
3. The state of being famous (or somewhat famous) in small town, a local celebrity; the illusion of fame and grandeur. One who puts forth some element or aspect of Hollywood, i.e. talent, image, or entertainment value (music, film, tv, comedy, etc.) whilst representing your own hometown.

4. Putting your hometown "on the map"
5. An alternate universe where Hollywood becomes chill, folky, under the radar while conversely Pittsburgh establishes overwhelming hype, fame, and superficiality.

Also known as "Burgh Famous" and "Hollyburgh"
"Dude! Do you remember that douche Chris from highschool who used to buy us beer? I just found his KFC commercial and webseries on youtube! Apparently he's too good for us now. He's so Hollywoodburgh."

"Ever since Alana's nude selfies went viral, she thinks she's such hot shit. I always see her drinking frappucinos and reading tabloids... Has she gone Hollywoodburgh?" "Nope, just a skank."
by Celebritney July 05, 2013
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