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A coming-of-age term used to define family-connected generation succeeding sellout entertainers in Hollywood, California. Hollywood Sequels make more money without using creativity because people already write for them. In order to help them out, usually a really big-name writer will conjure up ideas on how to please the entertainment manager request so the Hollywood sequel can just sit back and make money. The sequel, who isn't in it for the art of acting but just in it because that's what their parents did and all they know is they have to make money so selling out is ok with them. Usually you can spot these entertainers by doing research on how they got into the industry or by family inheritance. Most of them are either in film or music or sadly; both. Most high-end Hollywood marketing companies try mass marketing efforts to "spotify" the system so that the real artists get left behind due to company bribes or family ties.
Example 1 (Culture Reference):
Willow Smith? Jaden Smith? Will Smith!!!! Come on man. ... quit making this a Hollywood Sequel.

Example 2 (film reference):
This film feels like a piece of art. They better not ruin it and turn it into some Hollywood Sequel.
by oj.did.itzzz July 17, 2013
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