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It refers to holy wood taking awesome series/movies/novels/events and recreating them as a slick shiny, shallow, subtext-less, romance set primarily in LA using.

Generally hollywashing involves removing all political commentary, character development, nudity, gore and scenes that don't have broad demographic appeal.

Hollywashing also involves adding lots of computer graphics, epic wide-screen cinematography, lots of close ups of the actors faces, strategically placed products, Christian references and American flags.
Classic Hollywashing, (things that that have been hollywashed):

-The new series of V
-la femme nikita
-Planet of the Apes
-Doctor Dolittle
-The Nutty Professor
-War of the worlds
-Wild target
-Perl Harbor
-The lord of the rings
by mr duck 1234567 December 28, 2010
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