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The Holden Jackaroo is a medium sized SUV produced by GM Daewoo. Holden Jackaroos are most commonly found broken down and abandoned on the side of the road thanks to the ultra unreliable 4JX1 diesel/steam engine that Isuzu decided to fit in them.
Some owners believe their Jackaroo's can be taken off-road despite the fact a Holden Barina puts them to shame both on and off-road, let alone a real 4x4. This common misbelief is due to the vehicles semi-impressive suspension flex, which can be attributed to the soft pine chassis that was jointly developed by Ikea and Isuzu.

Most Jackaroo owners have moved onto more reliable and safer forms of transport such as hitchhiking with Ivan Millat, the rest are broke and stuck with it.
"No we won't insure your Holden Jackaroo. It's not worth anything and won't go anywhere"
"I'm sorry you own a Holden Jackaroo"
"Nothing says failure like a Holden Jackaroo in your driveway".
"No I can't fix your Holden Jackaroo. Get your junk off my property"
by warlord_trooper March 22, 2019
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The holden jackaroo also known as a isuzu trooper made to put patrols and landcruisers to shame. The jackaroo is a nice mid size 4x4 that patrol owners talk smack about all the time, deep down there jealous that the jilaroo is always there to pull them out once they get stuck.
Far out did that holden jackaroo put me to shame.
by Jackaroo132 January 15, 2018
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