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Hofhardt is a conjunction of the last names of its creators- rejects from their own respective families because of religious bigotry.

Noun, singular: A Hofhartd is a person who has been ostracized by their nuclear family unit due to the family's religious intolerance of a different belief system/viewpoint/lifestyle, etc.

Noun, collective: "The Hofhartds" are people that can come together and know that they are not alone in their journey. Taking the name Hofhartd as a new "family name" allows one to identify with others experiencing the same pain when their own family has turned their backs.

Verb: To be Hofhartded is to be cast out forcibly from one's family, or to be left with no alternative but to end relationships for one's health, wellbeing, and overall happiness.
"I didn't realize Emily was a Hofhardt, she never really talks about her folks."

"My whole family are a bunch of wingnuts! I think I'll join the Hofhartds!"

"Did you hear about Danny? I hear his Dad hofhardted him when he came out as an atheist."
by Ms.Hofhardt April 20, 2010
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