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Chewbacca's lesser known sister, with whom he no longer associates with.

Before the galatic civil war, Chewbacca lived with his wookie family on the planet Kashyyyk.

His family was poor, so his sister started working on the streets, giving blowjobs for cash.

This soon led to anal sex and wild orgies, thus earning her the name "Hoebacca."
Guy 1: I need my dick sucked!
Guy 2: Look! Its that wookie slut, Hoebacca!
Hoebacca: *grrrrroooowwwwwl*
Guy 1: What the fuck?
Guy 2: She said she'll blow us both and take it in the ass from a dog for 10 bucks and a granny smith apple!
by Donald Hump April 22, 2008
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