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The hoe point system is a way of calculating how much of a "hoe" a person is based on the number of people they have hooked up with. You can earn anywhere between 1 and 5 hoe points with any person based on what exactly you have done with them.

1 points is earned if you have kissed a person on the lips or made out with them.
2 points are earned for caressing the person genitals with your hands (or feet, if you do not have hands).
3 points are earned for oral sex.
4 points are earned for sexual intercourse.
5 points are earned for anal sex. (unless it's between two males. Then it's just 4 points because that's the only way it can happen.)

The amount of points you receive for each person is the highest point amount that you and them have partaken in. For example, If sally and I made out, and then she gave me a blow job afterward in the parking lot of Walmart, I would only have 3 points because they do not add up, even if I had returned the favor, It would still just be 3 points. Also, had we met up again the next weekend and hooked up again, no more points would be added because hoe points are specific to each person, not to each time you hook up.

The best way to keep track of your hoe points is to list every person you have hooked up with in your lifetime in chronological order and to what extent and then total up the points.
Let's say I hooked up with all these people:

Ashley (made out on multiple occasions): 1pt
Katie (made out once): 1pt
Erin (ohhh you touch my tralala): 2pts
Sarah (You took my virginity and then cheated on me. You slut): 4pts
Stephanie (drunken hookups count too): 1pt

By adding up these points, I would have a total of 9 hoe points.
by Sneaky Pirate June 29, 2010
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