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A hockey fuck is a sneak attack where you take your partner's shirt by the waistband and pull it up over their head, only far enough to entrap their arms. Then throw your partner down and have your way with them.
I snuck up on Gina last night and gave her a good hockey fucking!
by Bobjonz September 17, 2011
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(n., v.) A sex act which involves a blowjob, any type of shirt and a window. The hockey fuck is an extension of the face-fuck that begins like any other face-fuck, but in the midst of it, the girls shirt is pulled up over her head, and when ejaculation is complete, smash that bitches head through a window.
Scott: Wtf are all those scars on Émilie's face?
Brad: Chris Hockey Fucked her 3 months ago.
Scott: Damn, he kinda ruined her huh?
by ayemcee November 16, 2007
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