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2. A woman abandoned during the hockey play-off season due to pro-longed overtimes and games that end at 3 am.

3. An obsessive fan who ignores their spouse in favour of their preferred spectator sport. Maybe applied to any any sport, but extreme caution should be paid if one becomes a Cricket, Bowling, or NASCAR widow.
Now that the Calgary Flames are in the play-offs, Mary will surly become a hockey widow, since she'll never see him in bed at night.
by BauDMoN April 06, 2009
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A woman who is married to (or dating) a man who is so obsessively involved with hockey that it keeps him away from home (or he is hardly seen at home).
Jennifer becomes a hockey widow every year during the hockey season because Justin is the coach of the town's Bantam hockey team.
by Reeltreble January 25, 2009
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