A round muscular butt associated with athletes like hockey players, football players, Olympic weightlifters and sprinters. Easy on the eyes and a pleasure to pet.
His hockey butt always drew whispers and adoring gazes when he entered or left a room.
by wb416 January 30, 2012
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A game in which you attempt to throw washers into a coffee can located in the center of a wooden box. A washer landing inside the box is 1 point, and 3 points for landing inside the coffee can.
Damn, this game is fun, but I can't beat Allan in Butt Hockey for the life of me!
by That guy333 July 18, 2008
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A sport created in early 2019 by papa Richie. It has all the fun attributes of hockey but with over three times the amount of butt. One of the differences the stands out the most is that the sport is played pantless. Players must also hold the hockey stick in between their butt cheeks. Their is also no ice as the game is played on gravel and instead of a hockey puck a 10lb bowling ball is used.
Other then that it is essuntaly the same sport.
Dude did you catch that sick game of butt hockey last night?
by Harveyritto March 8, 2019
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When a Canadian boy becomes a man, he goes into the woods with 11 other boys to the secret ice rink. They squeeze a wolverine until a round hockey puck shaped poo appears. (This is a brutal process which often requires the use of many wolverines, since many are squeezed till they pop) If a suitable wolerine is found, a badger or large rabbit works too. They then play hockey using frozen geese. If the ceremony is interrupted by a Bigfoot, then the boys are cursed to never be men and eventually become transgender. The winners of the game brutally slaughter the losing team's players using only a stick and a pine cone. The winners also claim all of the losers maple syrup and women
Carl: We're both about to be men, and i want your syrup and women!
Bobby:let's settle this with a game of Canadian butt hockey!
by Daddy Lala from Canada March 13, 2017
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