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A hobo/tramp/bum who provides his or her body for sexual intercourse in return to money, which is then used to buy more booze and/or drugs like krok or methamphetamine. Hobowhores are usually heavily abused during sex, which might include beating, strangulation, bitch-slapping, genital mutilation and in an extreme case stabbing to death with a knife after cumming in the hobos anus. Thus, most sexual intercourses with hobos can be referred to as "rape". Hobowhores are the main distributors of sexual transmitted diseases (STD).
Girl: So you just wanna leave me because I'm not into having sex tonight?
Dude 1: Yeah, you stupid cunt! I'll better get laid tonight with this hobowhore over there. One fuck, one buck.
Girl: you disgusting asshole!
by dickheadcumslaughterwhore January 07, 2012
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Any person who repeatedly contributes to street-side beggars, despite the fact that though the sign says "hungry. war vet. need food.", everyone knows and understands that any cent given will go directly to cheap vodka.
Dude, Tom give five dollars to every homeless guy in L.A.! What a hobo whore.
by Fig_Newton December 08, 2008
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any female that is homeless that goes to bar to find someone willing to buy them drinks and then asks for a place to stay for the night. may or may not include sex as a hobo whore generally passes out before the act can take place.
"DUDE, don't buy that hobo whore more drinks, she's just going to pass out and accuse you of rape!"
by would789 October 13, 2006
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