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The religious belief that life is divided into the two categories of Love and Luck; and that there is one chief controller of life known as "The Life Person" who supervises the decisions of the Love Dept. and Luck Dept.

The "Life Helpers" of the Love Dept. assign each person Action Points depending on their current relationship status (their steady). When one is currently going steady, the Love Dept. assigns them extensive amounts of Action Points until the end of the relationship (whether or not the Action comes from one's steady is insignificant). Mortals lacking a steady are distributed a fewer amount of Action Points. However, the Love Dept. distributes the largest portion of Points during the months of June through August. There is only a specific amounts of bonus points during this period of time, so one must be careful to use them wisely.

The Luck Dept. randomly assigns a certain amount of Luck, or Karma, to each individual. That is all.
"Darn, I used up all my action points, that's why I haven't met any hotties this summer! It's OK though, it's worth it to be part of the Hoben religion!!!!"
by HobenFounderz August 11, 2009
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