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This word is usually used when someone does not know what a lyric in a song is saying. Like for example, say your favorite song has a weird inaudible lyric in the background and you don’t know what it says. To describe this you can use the word Haballanga because no one knows what you are saying when you use haballanga! Haballanga is a great way to describe an unknown lyric because Haballanga is a weird word and if you say it quickly, people will not know what you are saying so they will think you are saying the background noise because they don’t know what it is saying. “One Dance” by drake is a good example because you have this one part of a male saying something in the background and it sounds like they are saying “...hoballanga” or that’s what my friend said anyways.

Haballanga is a very hard word to describe but the words “Lit, Yeet, lowkey, and bae” are universally understood by today’s teens and society so I think Haballanga will be too. Y’all should use “Haballanga” when you don’t know the lyrics to something or if you don’t know what a person said.

Ok yes I know I spelled hobellanga wrong. It’s spelled H-O-B-E-L-L-A-N-G-A. Sorry ppl!
“There’s this one part of this rap god that I have no clue what it’s saying so Haballanga is a good way to describe the lyric”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you just said. It sounded a lot like you said haballanga.”

“Can you repeat that? All I heard was ‘haballanga’.”

One Dance lyrics by Drake’ “One more time ‘fore I go higher powers takin a hold on me (male voice lyrics in background)...

Hobellanga means a lyric that is unknown so you use this noun to replace the unknown lyrics to what they actually sound like”
by Hobellanga_is_a_word May 22, 2018
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