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1. When someone, usually a girl, feels guilty for having sex with a guy they are either not in a relationship with or have only barely met.
Note: These are not hoes. By definition, if you experience Ho-Guilt, you are not a ho, as hoes do not feel Ho-Guilt. Thus, it is natural to experience a little Ho-Guilt at some point.

2. Fear of being seen as a ho, slutty, or classless. Fear of ridicule by society for freely having sex with whoever you please.

3. Good girl feeling guilty for being a lil naughty.
Ho-Guilt: I just slept with that guy I met last week. Was that wrong of me? Do you think it makes me seem like a ho? What will he tell his friends? etc.

(This person is experiencing "ho guilt")
by LaydeeCee July 17, 2008
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