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1) the activity of hurling a prositute into a swimming pool

2) An exclamation of surprise, perhaps at seeing a prositute being hurled into a swimming pool....
When faced with a sharp knife and a gang of youths demanding money "HO DIP!" exclaimed Philip

Upon looking for a barman from whom to buy drinks Matt was confronted by a Leo Sayer looking mofo "HO DIP!" he exclaimed

As James said "I don't care what it means" the group shouted "HO DIP!" in surprise.
by Luther_Blissett April 12, 2007
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washing one's face, armpits, genetals and ass crack with a wet washcloth; so named because prostitutes don't have time to take a real shower between tricks.
The shower wasn't working, so I had to take a ho dip before I went on my date.
by Hepkat November 04, 2007
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