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A person that is 'Ho'Dependant' can be a man or woman. This person is dependant and in most cases even addicted to maintaining a constant stream of Ho's they fuck around with.The only real goal in mind is to insure a consistant never ending Ho-flow, even if it means returning to some more than once. Reguardless of this 'handycap' the Ho'Dependant are still capable of having mostly short term relationships.The only guarantee for the future is that even before the relationship ends the Ho-flow will definately resume(not that it ever stopped).So just be a good Ho and go with the flow!
Bobby-Upps has a different Ho with him every he goes out. He told me he cant help it because he is Ho'Dependant . He has learned to not only live with this handycap but to love it too!
by Tommy&LilJody March 11, 2010
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