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person (usually female) who is in charge of strippers in the back of the house. Duties include make up work, preventing or breaking up fights, taint painting, drug control, wake-up calls, and general psychotherapy duties.
Tiffinuck is the best Ho Wrangler to ever work at Scores. She can wrangle 30 hos a night without blinkin'! She can paint a taint and break up a fight and calm down a hysterical ho at the same time!
by beetnuts June 09, 2007
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the one who has the ability to wrangle up them hos.

(The P.I.M.P.)
"Your the best howrangler I know."
"Thanks" said the howrangler
"Can you grab me one of them hos over there?"
Ya sure I'll grab you one of em' ho's.
by Gmerc May 04, 2010
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