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The needs or actions people have that make them seem like a
1. Dating multiple people
2. Taking a friend's girl/boy
3. Sleeping with a friend's mom
4. Going behind someone's back to date their family member
5. Dating your own family

These are ho tendencies
by Zaa February 15, 2012
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(noun) - an act or mannerism consistent with that of a whore or slut; an inclination to act slutty or whoreish. May or may not indiacte an actual slut or whore though.
That club rat sure has ho tendencies- she is all over that guy she just met.
by F-stylin September 07, 2008
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Used to describe behavior that is inherently programmed into females because of sexual repression brought upon by societies need to restrict and deny human sexuality. Can take forms in many degrees:

*Also can be expressed during periods of lowered inhibition and/or periods of prolonged sexual abstinence (i.e. Spring Break, Mardi Gras, drunken nights).

*Or the actions of a nasty ass bitch
ex: Juanita has 12% ho tendencies whereas Orangelica is 60% straight up ho.

Ex:Two nights ago Yolanda got tired of her usual late night movies and went out for some action, resulting in 95% ho tendencies, a hangover and lost undies.
by Orgenlica Juanita Williams April 09, 2009
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