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The act of Cocooning Multiple people, like an entire family. A Real REAL man can do this easily in one night, but frequent Cocoon only practicers may have difficulty Cocooning an entire family.

This is commonly used as a threat by incapable men or herms.
How to use 'Hive Cocooning':

(Casual insult)Person A: "Hey Austin, I fucked your mother last night."

(Bravo worthy insult!)Person A: "Hey Austin, I Hive Cocooned your Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers last night."

Or, as an authentic story:

Person A: "Yeah, I was having an orgy with your Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers and my condom broke. I ended up Hive Cocooning all of them..."

Person B: "At least you tried to use a condom.."

Person A: "Expect more relatives on the way.."
by \/olpe May 15, 2010
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