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A game native to Castlegregory, commonly played when irrecoverably gargled. Hitty Knee involves any amount of players above two people.

Everyone sits in a circle, with one knee facing into the centre. One person is given the immeasurable honour of having the first go. They can choose to either lightly caress or thwomp the bejesus out of another players knee. It is now that persons turn.
The game continues like this until the *Final Round*.
For the final round, every player chooses an available knee (other than their own) and gently, affectionately drapes their hand over said knee, keeping it there.

*Bonus Quickfire Round*
The game accelerates to ludicrous speed, with everyone putting the full force of a god into their swing.
"Ay Darren, how about a good game of hitty knee?"
"Sure sign me up there now buachaill"
by Peanuts Baker April 08, 2018
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