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1. Lies and stories that are so outrageously false that one only needs to consider the source to know that whatever is being said is false.

2. Stories told by the queen of lies herself that are so blatantly false that they are beyond silly, even beyond


3. A combination of the master of propaganda's "Big lie" theory; and lies so ridiculously false that they are absurdly funny to all but the teller of such lies.
Joe: Did you hear Hitlery trying to explain her election loss?
Ed: Yes. Nothing but a pack of lies!
Joe: Everything that comes out of her lying piehole is absolutely Hitlerylarious!

Ed: Well Uncle Adolph did say if you tell a big enough lie, people may believe it; that's Hitleryarious!
by Nom de Gear April 21, 2018
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Obviously this refers to the queen of bald-faced lying hitlery herself. Lies told by hitlery that are so blatantly false that they are beyond redonkulous absurdity. Lies told by anyone that are so absurd that you know they're lying without even fact checking. Anytime hitlery opens her mouth it's hitlerylarious!
Hey Joe did you hear hitlery bad mouthing flyover country as an excuse for her failed, miserable life?
Yeah, I heard the lies spewing forth. Her lies are so hitlerylarious it's a joke! But she doesn't realize she's the joke!
by Nom de Gear March 17, 2018
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