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Noun- A place of residency full of people who have jobs because they got hired. A Hireland is defined as a Hireland because these people all continue to still currently work. Usually people living in a Hireland are found in most towns and some cities of most Southern States in the USA, some places in South America countries where people don't complain about how bad their lives are, and a ton of countries in the continent of Europe.
When you do research on very nice and respectable places to travel too for the holidays you might want to check out the European countries. Those countries usually have people who work and are respectable for the most part since they all live in a Hireland. In all of these Hireland's you will find great service at restaurants, hotels, and stores. Even the Republic of Ireland is a superb Hireland full of hard-working citizens because they too also live in a superb Hireland.
by Circa 1993 AD December 21, 2016
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