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An Otaku who watches/reads an Anime/Manga first, enjoys the material but eventually puts it down because it has become too popular or mainstream.

Hipster Otaku
Hey, Shannice you're such an Hiptaku
by jooji-sama May 30, 2013
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Hiptaku - a conjunction between a hipster and an otaku. One who bashes anime/Manga if it is too mainstream . In many cases hiptaku's try to find weaknesses in mainstream Anime in order to justify their behavior.

For example , the common Hiptaku hates Sword art online because of its mainstream effect on the American and Japanese markets, so he/she will use false reasoning and overspeculation to convince others not to watch it. However , thier real reason is because other Hiptaku's think the same. Thier main goals are to try and gain the popularity of other Hiptakus .

If you are showing signs of such behavior , remember - what you might not like ; others might feel differently for. After all , there is a reason anime goes popular and makes it to the USA . Just simply not watching a show is much better than being popular with Hiptaku's (The hipster trash of the otaku universe )
Come on Maya, quit being such a Hiptaku and leave the fanbase alone.
by Itzio-Altrea July 27, 2014
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