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The most obnoxious form of hipster. Typically female or some sexually ambiguous male, tragically confined by the aimless ideals of white America's commercially manufactured counter-culture, these misguided individuals lie dormant in an utterly useless state until their finely tuned ears pick up any language that can be construed as non-politically correct, then, without fail, they will chime in to scold you with their worthless opinion, as if it's their duty to single-handedly rid the world of all bigotry. Although typically pretty stupid when their logic and beliefs are questioned, they're smart enough to recognize that expressing outrage over words like "gay" or "rape" or "abortion" will garner them the attention their parents never gave them, and thus cannot control their impulse to unnecessarily stir up stupid shit when you're just having a normal conversation.
That pierced up freak girl who didn't get asked to prom finds comfort in the blind solidarity of her fellow nonsense-spewing hipstirrers.
by HeyitsGinoB69 October 28, 2015
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