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The subjective experience resulting from taking the research psychedelic 2C-E followed by increments of bk-MDMA (Methylone) as the 2C-E peaks and throughout its plateau. The depth and intensity of the experience is heavily dose dependent. The experience is comparable to a tripped out, underground, indie version of the infamous Candyflip (LSD + MDMA), hence its name.

The combination of research chemicals holds many risks however. A Hipsterflip, with high enough doses, can leave one feeling extremely depersonalized for weeks to come, as well as inducing indefinite HPPD visual alterations and patterning. Excessive amounts of bk-MDMA, as with many stimulating euphoriants/entactogens, can lead to high blood pressure, prolonged rapid heart rate, and heart attack. The long term effects of both 2C-E and bk-MDMA are not yet fully understood.
Guy 1: "Alright, so last night, I Hipsterflipped. At 10:00PM, I ate around 18mg of 2C-E. And then, I parachuted doses of methylone over the course of the night, probably up until around 4AM. I've never experienced such a colorful, tripped out, drugged up psychedelic experience in all of my life."

Guy 2: "Dude, you're fucking crazy! How are you feeling today?"

Guy 1: "Well, I still haven't managed to sleep yet. My heart has been beating out of my chest for the past 12 hours, I feel like my mind is suffocating in a Nazi gas chamber, I've been hallucinating the must fucked up, hypnotic shit all day long. In contrast to ecstasy comedowns, I'm not depressed at least. I definitely don't recommend combining 2C-E with a ton of methylone. I've probably permanently damaged my heart."
by grzu July 24, 2010
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