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Hipster mystics seek the ancient wisdom and disdain the teachings for the masses; they are into the secret and old-school. They believe that the experience of mystical ascent and sublime insight is ineffable, and their groups teach of a need for silence on the matter, so they are very esoteric. They are unimpressed by people's possessions and self-centered accomplishments, which comes off as condescension. Their spiritual journey and wisdom has brought them serenity and confidence, which is viewed as an air of being too-cool-for-school. They are uninterested in the latest styles and they dress however they want, so counter intuitively, they are highly stylish.

When a mystic embodies these qualities they are the ultimate hipster: the Hipster Mystic
Guy in a pub: What do your tattoos mean?
Hipster mystic: You wouldn't understand.

Stylish woman: Where did you get that shirt?
Hipster mystic: The dumpster.
Stylish woman: Cool.

Scientist: Recent studies have demonstrated that we live in a fractal universe.
Hipster mystic: Heraclitus said that 2,500 years ago.

Colleague: What are you doing today?
Hipster mystic: Going to the Hermetic Library to review an alchemical treatise.
Colleague: Oh... okay.....

Christian: Do you believe in Jesus?
Hipster mystic: No, but I do believe in Christ the Logos. He was way before Jesus.
by Kristoforokko June 29, 2013
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