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A hipslut is a Hipster Slut. This often describes an average teenage girl who wears any kind of galaxy item or similar, high waisted shorts and crop tops. They also like to wear religious Christian cross accessories when most of them arent religious anyway & over-accessorise. They wear daisy chain headbands, vans, usually 'dip dye' their hair and wear too much makeup. They also have a weird obsession with triangles. They often only do this for attention from guys even though it doesn't make them anymore attractive. They spend most of their time on tumblr posting irrelevant, disgusting, time-wasting pictures.They refer to themselves as "hipster's" when in fact, they are another trend of mainstream since most teenage girls are hipsters anyway. Most normal teenage girls decide to turn into a hipslut because they think they look attractive and 'cool' when in fact, people just mock them.
omg hipslut alert. run as fast as you can before they kill you with their triangles!
by hIderEiMahrA October 16, 2012
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