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The subject of concern whom may be known as a "Hippyster" displays characteristics of both Hippies (peace loving, weed fueled nature culture that expanded from the 60's) and then the Hipsters (the uber cool and hip beatniks who often wallow in their ostentatiousness).

Common traits of Hippysters that are shared by both parent cultures.

*Love of cheap alcohol (PBR for hipsters / $2 Buck Chuck for hippies)
*Always profusely smoking (Whether tobacco or weed)
*Thoroughly enjoys music (Whether drum circles or indie electro)
*Wears clothing from a long retired era (60's or 80's fashions)
*Very political (Peaceful protests or passive agressive Facebook status updates)
*Using bicycles for transportation (Both usually cannot afford cars but Hippies do it for nature. Hipsters do it to test the integrity of their ultra tight jeans)

They are most likely seen around Portland, Oregon but can also have the negative sides of each parent culture (Pretentiousness, drug addiction, Bad Patchouli smells, or just generally annoying).
Person A: "Sam Farraday is such a Hippyster, I can't believe he is being pretentious about hopping a freight train."

Person B: "Yeah most of his friends are also Hippyster's. They spend their unemployment checks at REI and American Apparel."
by We Are Around You April 07, 2010
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