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An individual who holds both the characterisitcs of a hippie and a hipster

Often possess the hippie core belief set of peace, love, non-violence, non-showering, non- 9-to-5.

Like your average hipster, their sense of identity is largely due to their membership in the unique, underground, indie culture (music and otherwise).

They also tend to identify with rock movements,poets, artists, and writers from the 60s

However, they're not likely to be as attuned to contemporary music, or identify with ironic hip-hop acts.

More deliberate sense of fashion, non-fashion, un-fashion, in-fashion, or clashion, then avg hippie. Less deliberate than hipster.

Does not only where second-hand items.

Less effortless style than an authentic hippie's, but more effortless than that of a hipster, whose style is more forced.

They're more likely to tend towards hippie drugs such as LSD, Marijuana, Or Magic Mushrooms. However, most hippie-hipster-hybrids are no stranger cocaine or mdma either.

Unlike the avg hipster in that the HHH is more likely to be found doing job like tree-planting across Canada. As opposed to working at their local hipster coffee joint. They're also more likely to be truly unshowered/unkempt rather than just feigning this.
Will likely where little-to-no makeup.

Even if they're feigning their unkemptness it, they do it with skill and expertise so as to fool even the keenest eyes.
"Liz has facebook! I never would have guessed! Let's creep her! What's doing this summer?"

"Yeah but she never updates it. She's tree-planting again - says it's hard work but she loves the memories."

"Figures. God she is gorgeous. I love her style."

"Yeah. I love her perpetual bed-head, she doesn't even wear makeup. Jealous."

"I wish I could be a hipper like her."

"I'd say she's more of a hipster, that shirt and belt are definitely from Urban Outfitters."

"Right. But look at her in this pic from Shambala, and she's definitely wore that same shirt like all weekend."

"True... I guess she's a hippie...


Both: "Hippie-Hipster-Hybrid!"
by theshlaay July 04, 2011
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