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Hipperholme is a village in the Calderdale area of Yorkshire, located between the towns of Halifax and Brighouse. It is located on the busy A58 road and includes Hipperholme Grammar School, a local private school.
It is also the scum of the earth.
It is advisable not to go here. Ever. Ever.
Worse than Brighouse but better than Rastrick.
There is nothing to do except cruise around in a mob and get into fights with chorers.
There is a shitty little park, but there are even more chorers there, with golf clubs.
The only place slightly worth going to in Hipperholme is the Co-op.
There used to be a good ice cream parlour but it got invaded by drug dealers.
Just don't go.
Joe: Hey, you wanna go to Hipperholme, like, on saturday?
You: No. Some retard on urban dictionary told me not to go. Ever. Ever.
Joe: Oh, Ok.
by Omgtehhaxxor November 20, 2006
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