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Hypp-H'opp-Cam-Puss' Noun - to recall vast lyrical content.

The area of the brain where most lyrics are recalled from. It is possible to overload the hip hop campus if a large quantity of lyrics,(specifically in hip-hop) are submerged in quick fire linguistic dexterity. The hip hop campus can recall individual syllables and nuance. It is renowned to malfunction when an individual is excessively inebriated.
"Datz right gee, ya know what I'm sayin'? all of these lyrics are sick,dope see! Somewhere in my mind, Deep in the HIP-HOP KAMPUS I can sift those rhymes yo! They bursting out my mind!"
"That homes is dope yo' he got like a larger mind than most! Stores it in the Hip-Hop Kampus, ya know what I'm sayin!"
by CraggyTastic! July 03, 2013
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