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Hip Rock is a lifestyle, music style and clothing style.
He listens to hip hop and rock, he lives like a rockstar and he is so hot, he is Hip Rock !
by goonk6 December 26, 2008
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A forked genre fused with the lyrical floetry of rap, laced with the smooth blend of hip-hop, crossed with the hard acoustic sounds of guitar and drums, creating the "rock & roll" feel. Most popular subgenres include rap rock, rap metal, and rapcore. While very similar to rap rock, Hip-Rock comes a little more smoother on the hip hop side blending the common recipe of rap and hip hop while pushing the rock aspect to the forefront to create a broader fan base. Hip-Rock is not an artist's primary genre, rather a cross-over from hip hop to to rock to create a unique product; or a collaboration with a rocker and a hip-hop artist.
When Young Chizz teamed up with his rocker to create "Zebra Music", this awesome song was not hip hop, and it wasn't rock; it was Hip-Rock!
by Young Chizz January 03, 2013
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Genre of Music consisting of sounds & elements from both Hip Hop & Rock Music.
With hardcore Hip Hop percussion, and intense guitar vibrations, Bunjii continues to set trends while raising the bar for our Hip Rock newcomers.
by Informacion February 24, 2009
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