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A term used to describe R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet videos and other videos where they constantly say everything that is happening.
Dude did you see R. Kelly's Hip Hopera? You mean those trapped in the closet video's? Yeah man thats what I said. His Hip Hopera.
by r0j0 August 25, 2005
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Hip Hopera is a combination of Hip Hop and Opera.
An example of a Hip Hopera song would be Memories - Young Maestro feat. The Firm and Ozmosis
by CBirch September 22, 2007
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Hip-Hopera is the joint dropped by The Fugees and Bounty Killer in 1997. It can be found on Bounty Killer's single entitled "Hip-Hopera" as well on The Fugees' 2007 album "Besides."
My favorite verse in Hip-Hopera is:
Through the temples of doom
Somehow we managed to bloom
Like blossoms.
"By any means necessary," said Malcolm;
Nights before battle we play dead like possums,
Mimimizing our losses like caution
To the maximum,
Strategies for the Refugees.
How many mics do you rip? I say not too many.
by readyORnot December 13, 2007
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A genre made up by MTV when they made their own version of the classic opera "Carmen" starring Beyonce.
"I rented 'Carmen,' wanna come over and watch?"
"The real one or that hip hopera with Beyonce in it?"
by Jenzalez October 05, 2007
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jack: wow, that hiphopera was the most amazing thing ive ever heard
joe: yeah i liked the part with the midget
by nickgggg October 24, 2006
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