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Hiope is the new and edgy way to say the ancient word "hope"

It can be pronounced 2 ways: (Hee-ope) and (High-ope)

The former pronunciation is more formal while the latter pronunciation is for a more casual crowd.

Hiope is fun to say/write/type/think about/troll with/flame with/masturbate too/anything at all.

As an addictive substance, hiope is very easy to distribute to other people. Legal in all 50 states (for now) all you have to do is get one buddy, find a chat forum, one start a topic saying hiope in the title, the second one continue the topic with hiope and the seed has been planted.

I hiope one day hiope will be a universal term
AgentSpoon - I hiope ES: Skyrim is a good game
rivve - I hiope so too
Sidewinder_GD - Man I hiope
by Sidewinder_GD June 22, 2011
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