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Hingham girls are all stuck up, rich, snobs who only care about money and their hockey playing boyfriends.Dont get me wrong they are absolute babes. Hingham High is the Best school in the state so hingham kids get in to any college they want.They shop at Derby street shops, and they wear uggs, lululemons, and drive BMW's and Mercedes.They look down on the other towns around them including, Weymouth, Norwell, Cohasset, Hull, Hanover, and basically every Mass. town except Wellsley.
Hingham girls can be found at Crow point and hockey games. If your not from Hingham you really dont have a chance.
by Yoooooooo1666 January 24, 2010
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In Response to the person above (if you search hingham girls), I'm guessing you're from hingham, and you're probably a guy. As you said, the "hingham girls" pretend to have problems, which may offend you because you hang out with the Punk Rock girls, and you have "actual" problems. I hope your cigarette smoking, trashy, "punk girls" are doing well, and you yourself.

Hingham girls are like all others
Im punk because I say I am, oh wait, that would make me a fucking loser because I need to label myself : (. wahhh wahhhh Hingham girls wahhhh wahhh
by WilliamHelloier September 20, 2007
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Hingham girls. Probably the biggest bunch of ugly, snobby Preps in the whole state of Mass. They think they're wicked tough because they run their mouth on the red line, do coke (bought with their parents money) and let their boyfriends smack them around before Monster Jam.
The popped-collared wearing, shapeless, stringy-haired, rotting crotched posers listen to rascal flatts and pretend they have problems.
They only travel in groups outside of Hingham because they are pussies and don't stand a chance against any other girls from any other towns. And heaven forbid they run into a Black person. They are stupid enough to pick fights with anyone who doesn't have as much money as them. If anything they should be more eager to get in a fight because, well hell, Daddy can always pay for a new nose job!
Now don't get me wrong, the punk rock girls of Hingham are cool. Because they hate the collar-popping puss bags just as much as everybody else. You know you're not very well liked when you get your ass kicked on the train and even the boys you're with cheer on your enemies.
Go take a walk to Black Rock, Higham High, Derby Street, or possibly a random night on the red-line and you'll see perfect examples of Hingham Girls.
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