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Hinemoa means princess, because she is named after a very well known princess in the Maori legends. Hinemoa is a person with either very short or very long hair. She typically has at least 1% Maori blood or Maori ancestors, and perhaps lives in New Zealand (Where her name came from) She is very sensitive and can relate to others. Lots of people love her beautiful singing and waiata, and she deeply cares about her family's wellbeing, and it actually takes a lot for her to get mad. But be warned, she can be a very scary person too. She loves action movies and hanging out with her friends and loved ones, but get deeply offended when someone says they've moved on or don't like her anymore. If you have a Hinemoa in your life, don't lose her and don't take advantage of her. This name is very unique, like Hinemoa herself.
Jake: I wonder if Hinemoa's coming to the party...

Ella: Why? She's a slut

Jake: No, she's always been there for everyone, including you, and she never sleeps with people for a one-night stand

Ella: I'm soooo jealous, ugh... I wish my name was Hinemoa!

Jake: I knew you were


Tim: Damn it, she had a crush on me and I had my chance to be with her! I rejected her... I regret that so much. Please come back to me, Hinemoa!
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by Karakiamaster June 16, 2018
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Derived from the Maori tribe meaning 'Lady of the lake' she is born leader, a loving, caring, strong willed individual. Loyal to her friends and family. Loved and respected by many but especially her children and their children.
by MaoriGurl November 21, 2011
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