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Hindulism is not a religion ,it is a way of life. It consist of unique individuals They are The ultimate party monsters. When together become one race, hindus .Hindus ,bring a new era to spitin game. No other man will be able to compete or surpass them in anyway.
Hindu =ยง

Fathers Of Hindulism:Brad G.-Renan R.-Renan C. Mini Hindu
Hindulism way of life.Your a hindu when you

.U bring the party,to the party.

.U get BUCETA,not to stand on the wall.

.Drink not to get drunk,but so u wont have to tell her it was a one night stand.

.Get stoped by cops with liquoir in your breath and a suspended liscence and still get to go home with no tickets.

.Go to a party ,get fuked up, leave at three am get home at 4 am ,wake up at 4:30 am then go to work,

.Know everygirls name, simply because they are all named stephanie.

.Having some dudes GF hittin on you and you help him get her back because he was about to cry .

.Hustle and dont get caught.

.Dont take shit from anyone.

.Powerfull yet humble.
by Brad,Renan's July 22, 2010
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