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A variation of the game flip cup. Hinderschlagen is set up with sets of partners lined up across from each other along a table. Each partner has two cups, one with beer in it (flip cup amount) and one empty "catching" cup.

In HInderschlagen, the goal is not only to flip your cup onto the table after drinking, but also to flip your cup so that your partner across from you can catch your cup inside of their own.

The game starts with a neutral party asking any either/or question. The first side to drink must answer with one of the two options, but there is no right answer. After answering, the first drinker may drink and then table flip their beer cup. They they must air flip it to their partner's catching cup. Their partner may maneuver their catching cup to improve catching chances, but attempts for the successful catch must continue until this stage is complete. Once complete, the partner then drinks from their beer cup, table flips it, and then tries to flip it back across the table into the original player's catching cup. Once complete, the team must then high five both hands with each other and shout "HINDERSCHLAGEN!" Their round is done after both teammates say the second "N" in "HINDERSCHLAGEN!" The game is played indefinitely and experts continue to struggle to understand the confoundingly fast rate at which it causes beer to disappear.
"I left for three hours, and when I came back, my friends were still playing Hinderschlagen."

"The way that man can finesse an air flip into his catching cup in Hindershlagen is truly an arousing sight to behold."
by everydayimschlagenin June 21, 2018
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