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The word Hindenburg being derived from the airship "Hindenburg"; To categorize a subject/object through a Hindenburg Effect is to say that the mentioned subject/object once had a high reputation or a prestige record in something, say what happened to Pewdiepie with the whole Fiverr thing, and then in one fell swoop, destroys their own standing/popularity by their own doing and ruins the state of other objects around them, also like how the Fiverr incident made advertisers pull out from YouTube, and WSJ milking the words "pewdiepie" and "nazi".

TL;DR: To take something's high reputation and have them ruin it themselves and their surrounding state.
(To use an outdated but relevant example)
Guy1: You heard what happened to that Pewdiepie dude? I heard he's a nazi!
Guy2: No, you've got it wrong, he's not a nazi, that's just another claim from his own Hindenburg Effect.
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by RK800#84329009 August 11, 2018
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